The perfect sequel to the timeless and much-loved classic A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Hilary says:

'The hundred year old story of A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett has fascinated me for many years. As a child, I read and reread it, mesmerised by the world it described. There was a transformation scene that was pure magic, a villainous headmistress, a mysterious benefactor, a scullery maid, a flock of girls, a little princess and (of course) a perfect ending. Perfect, that is, in all respects but one.

Because when Sara, the little princess drove away with the mysterious benefactor and the scullery maid the rest of us did not go with her. We were left behind, exactly where we had been before she arrived.

That could not have been the whole of it! Surely Lottie and Lavinia, Ermengarde and all the rest of that seething bunch of opinions did not just fade into the shadows?

In Wishing for Tomorrow, here are Lottie and Lavinia, Ermengarde and all the rest, stepping back from the shadows and into the light. This is the story of what happened next, after Sara went away.'

Praise for Wishing for Tomorrow:

'Loved it! I'd always wanted to know what happened when Sara finally went away. It's a sweet and wistful book; at times slyly funny, always beautifully written, which manages to be true to the original whilst bringing it gently to a 21st-century audience.'
Joanne Harris

Wishing for Tomorrow, jacket

Wishing for Tomorrow is published in September in hardback format, priced £10.99.
ISBN: 978 0 340 95653 3

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Ermengarde's Birthday


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