Casson Family Series

Permanent Rose

Casson Family 3

Rose's life has been turned upside down since Tom left for America. And in his place is David, the walrus - some swap! Life in the Casson family has a way of working out. But with Caddy dodging Michael, Dad Bill still in London, Indigo stuck in a book, Saffy hunting a father and Mum Eve in the shed... Rose feels slightly alone. Can David be her knight in shining armour?

Indigo's Star

Casson Family 2

It's back to school for the start of a new term. Indigo's returning after a bout of glandular fever and is dreading it. Rose is worrying about Indigo - and her new glasses. Saffy is busy dictating Rose's homework answers, while Caddy agonises over ways to dump her current boyfriend. And their mother, Eve, is busy trying to dry her latest painting with a hairdryer. Some things never change. But this term Tom has joined Indigo's class. And that will make all the difference ...

Caddy Ever After

Casson Family 4

In this fourth book, every member of the Casson family has their say. The book begins and ends with Rose - with Indigo, Saffron and Caddy all taking turns to tell their own story. CADDY EVER AFTER relays the chain of events in their unique household leading to the spectacular climax of Caddy and Alex's wedding day.

Saffy's Angel

Casson Family 1

Saffron is the adopted member of an eccentric and muddled artistic family where she has never felt quite at home. She has memories of a happier time when she had an angel of her own. This is the wonderfully rich and funny story of how Saffron and her angel are reunited - and how Saffron finally discovers where she belongs.

"This is a really lovely book" Nic Knight, The Bookseller

Forever Rose

Casson Family 5

This fifth and final instalment of the Casson family series is told by the author's favourite character. Disasters, Catastrophes, Perils, Adventures, Friends, Homes and a very definite Happy Ever After - which is just what Rose has always wished for.

Caddy's World

Casson Family 6

Go back in time... Caddy is 12, grappling with school, best friends, first boy friends, younger siblings and the unexpected arrival of one baby Permanent Rose, a little sooner than expected. While baby Rose lies in critical condition in hospital, life goes on in the unpredictable, colourful Casson household.