New Books for September 2018!

The Skylarks' War(Macmillan Children's Books September 2018)
Love to Everyone (Simon and Schuster September 2018)
Straw Into Gold (Macmillan Children's Books September 2018)
New Casson Family covers, with thanks to Michelle Brackenbourgh

Update, July 20th 2018

I am delighted to be able to tell you that my latest story will be published in the UK and the US this September 2018. So many people have worked to help me achieve this, and I am grateful to them all.

Not unusually, the story has two titles. In the UK (published by Macmillan Children's Books) it is The Skylarks' War and in the US (published by Simon and Schuster) it is Love to Everyone. Check out the lovely new cover art below!

For more details about The Skylarks' War/ Love to Everyone look in 'More Information'. There I have added photos of things that helped me write the book, and an article on the period of history in which the story takes place.

Also in September, the book of fairy tales that I rewrote as Hilary McKay's Fairy Tales will be published in a new paperback edition, this time entitled: Straw into Gold, Fairy Tales Re-spun. I am extra pleased to be able to tell you that it will have a US edition too, with Simon and Schuster,  early in 2019. Look out for the absolutely glorious artwork by Sarah Gibb.

For more information about fairy tales, rushlights and how I wrote the stories look in 'More Information.'

I hope readers still remember The Casson Family! All six books in the series are being reprinted (Hodder Children's Books) with lovely new covers. They will be out this summer, and it is so lovely to see them back in the book world again.